Nesslands of Burwell

Dog and Cat Boarding, and Doggy Day Stay.

Doggy Day Stay.....

Day Stay allows you to drop off your dog for socialisation and play, leaving you free to visit somewhere, go to work !!!! 

You will need to sign a disclaimer allowing us to mix your dog with others at our discretion unless you want them to be separate. 

This facility is available 6 days a week, but on Saturdays, payment must be made upon drop off, and a firm collection time made between 4-6pm

There will be lots for them to do, playing with our staff, dog toys, other dogs if they want. We have over 8500sq ft of play and rest area, a mixture of brick buildings and grassed 6 feet high fenced enclosures !!

If you want your dog kept separate from the others, just let us know and we can arrange this for you !

Drop them off after 8.00am and collect between 4-6pm for £15 a day of reassurance.... !!